yabai: A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning

5/13/2023, 1:06:54 PM
A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning

yabai is a window management utility that is designed to work as an extension to the built-in window manager of macOS. yabai allows you to control your windows, spaces and displays freely using an intuitive command line interface and optionally set user-defined keyboard shortcuts using ↗ skhd and other third-party software.

The primary function of yabai is tiling window management; automatically modifying your window layout using a binary space partitioning algorithm to allow you to focus on the content of your windows without distractions. Additional features of yabai include focus-follows-mouse, disabling animations for switching spaces, creating spaces past the limit of 16 spaces, and much more.

License and Attribution

yabai is licensed under the ↗ MIT License, a short and simple permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code.


Operating System Intel x86-64 Big Sur 11.0.1+ and Monterey 12.0.0+ is supported.

Operating System Apple Silicon Monterey 12.0.0+ is supported.




macOS (Intel and M1)
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