Tabby: highly configurable terminal emulator, SSH and serial client

5/29/2023, 6:22:14 PM
highly configurable terminal emulator, SSH and serial client

Tabby is an infinitely customizable cross-platform terminal app for local shells, serial, SSH and Telnet connections.


  • Rich settings set
  • Web version
  • Run on macOS, Windows and Linux
  • Integrated SSH client with a connection manager
  • Integrated serial terminal
  • PowerShell, PS Core, WSL, Git-Bash, Cygwin, Cmder and CMD support
  • Full Unicode support including double-width characters
  • File transfer from/to SSH sessions via SFTP and Zmodem
  • Theming and color schemes
  • Fully configurable shortcuts and multi-chord shortcuts
  • Remembers your tabs and split panes
  • Proper shell experience on Windows including tab completion
  • Integrated encrypted container for SSH secrets and configuration
  • Plugins

Terminal features

  • Multiple nested panes
  • Progress bars and activity notifications for tabs
  • Tabby remembers open tabs and panes where you left off
  • Tabs on any side of the window
  • Optional quake mode (terminal docked to a side of the screen)
  • Optional global hotkey to focus/hide the terminal
  • Bracketed paste

SSH Client

  • SSH2 client with a connection manager
  • SFTP and Zmodem file transfers
  • X11 and port forwarding
  • Jump hosts
  • Agent forwarding - including Pageant and Windows native OpenSSH Agent
  • Login scripts
  • Optional built-in password manager with a master passphrase
  • Proxy command support

Serial Terminal

  • Multiple connection profiles
  • Newline conversion
  • Text, readline and byte-by-byte input modes
  • Text and hexdump output modes
  • Zmodem
  • Non-standard baud rates

More features

  • Themes customizable with CSS
  • Extensible via plugins (in JS)
  • A bunch of color schemes already included
  • Telnet client
  • Font ligatures and font fallback
  • Clickable URLs, IPs and paths
  • WinSCP integration
  • Shell profiles
  • Simultaneous multi-pane input
  • Optional PuTTY style right-click paste and copy on select
  • macOS vibrancy and Win 10 fluent background support


MIT license


macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon)

Other Supported Platforms

Windows and Linux

Homepage and Download

Source code

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