Cerebro: Desktop Search Assistant

5/17/2023, 8:26:37 PM
Desktop Search Assistant

Cerebro is a multi-platform desktop app that helps the user to search their machine or the internet with no more than a few clicks.

The app is created by Alexandr Subbotin a Russian developer, who also created several useful plugins. Later then, the app attracted many developers who supply it with more plugins and support.

If you are a macOS user, You can notice the similarity with the built-in search app Spotlight search, which indexes all of your files and improve search and access to everything.

Cerebro is similar to Spotlight, but with more extended functions, and a rich plugin set. Like Spotlight, you can use it to access your installed apps and search Google directly without opening any browser.

Cerebro is more than just a search tool, it is a productivity booster that can help you do more.


  • It supports Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Light and dark theme
  • Customizable hotkey
  • Has a rich plugin set
  • Offers a developer-friendly plugin API
  • Search in Google
  • A useful set of core plugins
  • Easy to install plugins
  • macOS's menubar integration
  • Linux, and Windows tray support
  • Start at login support


MIT license



Other Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, macOS

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Source code

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