ShiftIt: Managing windows size and position in OSX

5/22/2023, 9:50:52 PM
Managing windows size and position in OSX

ShiftIt is an application for OSX that allows you to quickly manipulate window position and size using keyboard shortcuts. It intends to become a full featured window organizer for OSX. It is a complete rewrite of the original ShiftIt by Aravindkumar Rajendiran which is not longer under development.

How does it work?

ShiftIt installs itself in the menu bar (optionally it can be completely hidden). It provides a set of actions that manipulates windows positions and sizes. Following is an example of list of actions available:


  • OSX 10.7+, 64-bit The primary development is done on OSX 10.10, but it should be running under OSX 10.7 as well.




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