Phoenix Game Launcher: An open source game launcher written in SwiftUI for MacOS!

5/24/2023, 11:50:27 PM
An open source game launcher written in SwiftUI for MacOS!

Phoenix is an open-source game launcher for MacOS, created by Shock9616, written in SwiftUI. This launcher was inspired by projects like Playnite and Lutris, and supports any game which can be launched from the command line. (So basically all of them!) It was designed to be small, fast, and not overly complicated.


  • Steam games
  • App Store and Regular macOS games
  • GOG/Epic Games/Other stores
  • Parallels
  • Crossover
  • Emulated games


Phoenix is compatible with just about any game that can be run on MacOS as games are launched by running a terminal command in the background. For example, to launch Hollow Knight through Steam, it would run open steam://run/367520. This approach means that this launcher can launch games installed through the App Store, Steam (and other similar stores), CrossOver, Parallels, and even emulated games! This makes Phoenix the perfect hub for all the games you have on your Mac


Phoenix is available on GitHub under the MIT license


MIT license


macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon)
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