slap: Sublime-like terminal-based text editor

5/23/2023, 4:45:23 PM
Sublime-like terminal-based text editor

slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier. It has:


  • first-class mouse support (even over an SSH connection)
  • a Sublime-like file sidebar
  • double-click to select word, highlight other occurrences
  • configurable Sublime-like keybindings* (Ctrl+S save, Ctrl+Z undo, etc.)
  • copying/pasting with OS clipboard support
  • infinite undo/redo
  • syntax highlighting for 100+ languages
  • bracket matching
  • autoindentation
  • heavily customizeable via plugins

... many other features that will make you leave nano, vim, and emacs behind

Default keybindings

  • Quit: Ctrl+Q
  • Movement: mouse or arrow keys and PageUp/Down/Home/End
  • Shift or click+drag to select, Ctrl/Alt to move faster
  • Save: Ctrl+S
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z, redo: Ctrl+Y
  • List open tabs: Ctrl+L
  • Next/previous tab: Ctrl+Alt+PageUp/Down
  • Close tab: Ctrl+W
  • Find: Ctrl+F
  • Go to line: Ctrl+G
  • Go to matching bracket: Ctrl+]
  • Open: Ctrl+O (or click the filebrowser)
  • New file: Ctrl+N


MIT license



Other Supported Platforms

Linux and Windows

Homepage and Download

Source code

Download and explore the source code